DEI Data Standard Guidance V1


This guidance is intended to be for funders to support the implementation of the framework.

The guidance includes a recommendation of how funders should collect the data/frame the questions for the purpose of grants. The guidance is not intended to apply to other purposes. It is acknowledged that funders may choose to use the code-list itself for other purposes in different ways – for example for their staff profile, reporting percentages against categories.

What's in this document?

This guidance is intended as a starting point. It is understood that it may be tweaked to align with specific funder processes – but it is recognised that there are benefits of as much consistency as possible between funders. These include:

  • ●  Better quality of data provided by applicants if they are not needing to interpret the questions being asked in different ways

  • ●  Lower burden for applicants longer term as they get used to providing the responses in the same way

  • ●  Greater comparability for analysis purposes between funders if there is a consistency of approach

    The example text included in the guidance does not include all the additional notes and descriptions in the taxonomy for ease of display in this document - but it is anticipated that funders would make this available as “help” text or in guidance.

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