London Refugee Response

Emerging collaboration to co-ordinate work to support London’s refugees, in light of the crisis facing our Afghan communities

Basic information


London Funders have been working with their members and other organisations to see how best they can support London’s Afghan communities.

London has always been home to a significant proportion of the country’s Afghan population. Of the 250,000 people in the UK of Afghan origin, 60% live in Greater London. London is set to welcome even more refugees in the coming months.

London’s funders are already looking at co-ordinating work, so that grants can reach the civil society organisations responding to the current crisis, and who have the trust of the communities they are working with.  London Funders is supporting this through enabling the sharing of insights and intelligence, and bringing funders together to look at common approaches so that we can collectively reduce the burden on organisations delivering such vital work. 

Work currently underway includes:

  • The London Community Foundation has launched an appeal (with support from the Mayor of London, London Councils and leaders across the city) and will be working alongside other funders to ensure that donations from the public can further enhance the collaborative approach in London
  • London Funders are developing a resource hub to share research and insights
  • London Funders are hosting a series of meetings on how funders can support short-term needs, medium/long term needs and policy/advocacy work.


Get involved

Any funders who are interested in supporting London's refugees and would like to be involved in discussions about this emerging collaboration can contact Geraldine Blake at London Funders.