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The funder collaborations working in this area support civil society actors tackling unequal access to legal advice and information.


The Community Justice Fund

Supporting Social Justice

Each day thousands of people find themselves thrown into crisis.  They could be facing homelessness, be unable to afford food for themselves and their families, have lost their jobs, or risk being deported, or all too frequently a combination of these things.  The systems and institutions that exist to ensure that no person in this country is homeless, or starving, or at risk of harm, have failed them.  Too many people find themselves unable to get the help that they deserve, that is their right, because the processes they have to navigate are too complex, unwieldy, and so

Justice Together Initiative

Building a community of people and organisations with diverse backgrounds, strengths, and experience, to transform access to justice in the UK immigration system

Justice Together is a funder collaboration launched in 2020 with a decade-long vision to ensure that people who use the UK immigration system can access justice fairly and equally.

It aims to build a collaborative partnership that will combine lived and learned experience, frontline evidence and influencing to work towards achieving the following outcomes: 

Resources and insights

Legal advice resources