Funder Collaborations

Funder collaboration takes many different forms: from shared ideas, insights and learning, to pooled funding, joint back office functions, or collective programme delivery.



As part of the pilot phase of this platform, we are building a directory of funder collaborations in response to Covid-19, which will be added to regularly, with summaries and more detailed information, data, insight and resources. Please email if you'd like to add a collaboration or new content to these pages.

Within each category you will find:

  • An overview of funding relating to each thematic area; 
  • Resources and insight curated from a range of civil society organisations; and 
  • Information about established funder collaborations that are responding to Covid-19

How to contact the Hub and get involved

Crucial to the effectiveness of the Hub is involvement of a wide and diverse range of organisations. If you would like to:

  • Join the Hub's stakeholder list
  • Tell us about a funder collaboration
  • Seek support to develop your ideas
  • Provide input to the development of the Hub

please email